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Meet Circa's Staff: Natalia Angulo-Hinkson, Business Reporterby Circa Staff

Natalia is a Business Correspondent for Circa out of the Washington, D.C., bureau. She is a Texas native, who recently moved to the Nation's Capital from New York City.

During her time in NYC, she worked as a business news editor covering everything from small business and technology to social enterprise and how millennials are spending their money. At Circa, Natalia hopes to bring a dynamic and hip perspective to the latest business news and trends.

She is specifically interested in stories about (social) entrepreneurs, innovators and startups, and always has her eye on the tech, music, food and fashion industries.

Natalia is candy and photo (read: Instagram) obsessive -- and a big fan of the em dash. 

Natalia has a BA in Politics from the University of Dallas and an MA in Journalism from New York University. She joins Circa from Industry Dive, and prior to that FOX Business. You can find some of her work on, and

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