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The title for the 'World's Longest Pizza' now belongs to the USAby Stephanie Abrams
Circa Cares

WATCH | A year of planning and organizing came down to a 40-hour stretch of assembling and eight hours straight of baking the longest pizza ever made. Take a look at what was involved in this massive collaborative effort.

The newly-minted World’s Longest Pizza measures out at 1.19 miles and was prepped and then cooked on the largest scaffolding ever built for an oven on wheels. 

It took eight hours to cook at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California. As thousands cheered on the pizza makers, officials with Guinness World Records took their final measurements.

This pizza came in at 6,333.36 feet.

Approximately 2000 boxes of Pizza were given away to feed those in need at local charities and food banks.

WATCH |  This is what it actually looked like as we took video driving by. It took 3,600 pounds of cheese, 5,600 pounds of sauce and the chefs say 20,000 pounds of dough to make this happen.

WATCH  |  Here's the moment the Guinness spokesperson officialy crowned the pizza the "World's Longest."

Facing challenges and pushing the envelope make us better beings.

Fash Asvadi, Dir. of & Italforni

America and Pizza go hand in hand, which is why Fash Asvadi, the director of & Italforni USA Ovens, was determined to break the record. When he found out the longest pizza record was held outside the U.S., he set on this mission. “The fact that in this process we are sharing something with others less fortunate, is creating true enthusiasm at every level,” said Asvadi. 

WATCH  |  The oven moved at 17 feet a minute and couldn’t stop once it started, so the assemblers needed to work fast. The teamwork required months of practice before perfecting the process. Here’s video of the last run through in Carson, California, where Italforni and are based.

Top names in the Pizza industry backed the project, including Tony Gemignani, Giulio Adriani, Tom Lehmann, John Arena, Fred Mortati, Massimo Balacchi and Jimmy DeSisto.