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This charity is giving new homes to young adults transitioning from foster care by Stephanie Abrams
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Young adults leaving foster families are faced with all the challenges of adulthood, but for some, this also means starting from scratch. The nonprofit, A Sense of Home, is transforming the lives of these young adults transitioning out of the foster system.

Georgie Smith started A Sense of Home because of a Facebook post from Barry Bartlett, a young adult leaving his foster family.

"It felt like I got kicked out," said Bartlett. 

After transitioning from foster care, he quickly realized that he was starting over with nothing. Georgie rallied her friends to help Barry get his first apartment in order.

"These transitioning youth sleep, eat, study on bare floors and store their clothing in garbage bags," says Smith.

 A Sense of Home's  volunteer team is made up of young adults who've been helped, giving all newcomers and alumni alike a family who all share a common beginning.

Georgie was honored as one of CNN's Top 10 Heroes in 2016. The award was presented to her by Richard Gere.  

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A Sense of Home  is looking for volunteers, and donations of furniture and housewares to help transitioning foster youth in Los Angeles and across the country.