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What WikiLeaks' recent email dumps have revealed about Hillary Clintonby Mike Denison

On Sunday, WikiLeaks released its ninth installment of the "Podesta emails," a series of leaked emails from John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign.

The content of the emails ranges from Clinton's speeches to Wall Street investment firms (and her husband's) to controversial planned donations from Middle Eastern nations.

The emails cover a lot of ground, but here are the biggest highlights.

"Im [sic] hearing the same complaint .... The campaign doesnt [sic] value black folks and takes us for granted".

Leaked Podesta email

Racial concerns

The latest batch of emails, released Sunday, show campaign staff expressing concern over reaching black voters back in February.

A staffer responded to Podesta's concerns, saying "I have been working on that."

However, it wasn't just Hillary who faced scrutiny for speeches. Former president Bill Clinton ultimately canceled a speech for Morgan Stanley after campaign manager Robby Mook insisted it would be "a mistake," according to the emails

"But it's a very consequential unforced error and could plague us in stories for months. People would (rightfully) ask how we let it happen."

Leaked email from Robby Mook

Emails show Clinton aide Huma Abedin said Hillary did not want the speech canceled, but it ultimately was.

The campaign has not publicly confirmed the authenticity of the emails, instead focusing on blaming Russian hackers for releasing them.

Bernie Sanders

Here's our full report on what the emails showed about Clinton's primary race against Bernie Sanders.

The email scandal

Other leaked emails dating back to August 2015 show the cLinton staff revising a planned statement on Clinton's use of a private email server, expecting Clinton opponents to respond by calling her "misleading, devious, non-transparent, tricky etc." They also went back and forth on whether or not to mention former Secretary of State Colin Powell's use of private emails.

The Clinton Foundation

The foundation has been repeatedly accused of favoring wealthy donors. At one point, representatives from Qatar were reportedly trying to give Bill a $1 million birthday present, according to the leaked emails. It's not clear if he ever received it.

The charity was apparently a stressful operation during Hillary's tenure as Secretary of State, with the chief operating officer reportedly threatening to commit suicide over the stress.


The campaign sought options for celebrity endorsements "somewhere between a high school band and Lady Gaga," ranging from Larry David to Meryl Streep to Morgan Freeman.

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