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A third of Americans don't know Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thingby Mike Denison

A poll released Tuesday found that 35 percent of Americans surveyed don't know Obamacare and the Affordable Care Act are the same thing. 

The poll by Morning Consult found 17 percent thought they were two different laws and 18 percent weren't sure if they were the same thing or not. 

As The New York Times reports, the difference was pronounced among young people and those that earn $50,000 or less a year. Both groups may be negatively affected by the law's repeal.

About 45 percent of those surveyed did not know that if Obamacare would be repealed, the Affordable Care Act would also be repealed. 

Over 47 percent of Republicans who answered the survey said they knew repealing Obamacare would also repeal Medicaid coverage expansions. Also, 79 percent of Democrats surveyed knew this. 

President Trump promised to "repeal and replace" the law repeatedly on the campaign trail. Now, some GOP lawmakers are preferring the term "repair."  

Trump said in a weekend Fox News interview the replacement plan may not arrive until 2018

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