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A Hedgehog was among many graduating pets at Eckerd College last weekby Marianna Kheyfets

Every year since 2013 Eckerd College has been honoring pets of gradating seniors in a special graduation ceremony. The college was the first in the nation to allow students to bring pets to live with them on campus. 

Eckerd College is recognized as the nations most pet-friendly college. 

Some of the students went out and bought caps and gowns for their furry  friends. 

The school was featured on Animal Planet because of their pro-pets on campus policy.

"This really is one of my favorite events at Eckerd College. [This event] tells you more about what sort of place this is than any other."

President Donald R. Eastman III

The college shows a commitment to honoring the animals that support the students. Since 2013, more than 190 furred and scaled companions have made the walk to receive their certificate from President Eastman. 

Students that live on campus are allowed to have one animal (dogs under 40 pounds, cats, rabbits, ferrets, ducks and chinchillas). If they opt for smaller pets they're allowed two (fish, hamsters, nonvenomous reptiles and small birds).