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Former VP Biden unleashed strong words to combat campus sexual assaults at George Masonby Circa Campus

WATCH |Former Vice President Joe Biden spoke at George Mason University in Virginia last week for his "It's on Us" event, where he raised awareness about sexual assault and the consequences associated with it.

"A young woman standing here can take all her clothes off and walk out the door... but no man has a right to lay a hand on her at all."

Former V.P. Joe Biden

George Mason University welcomed the Former V.P. to help students, faculty, and staff end sexual violence on college campuses.  Everyone at the university must play a part in educating.  

This includes taking the Mason pledge to end all types of violence and understanding the importance of bystander intervention.  Biden has been a local supporter of the "It's On Us" campaign since 2014 when it was launched.

Everyone was happy to see Joe!


“Consensual sex means abiding by certain expectations during intercourse. If practicing safe sex is one of those expectations, then stealthing is certainly a form of sexual assault," said Will Hodges, junior at George Mason. 

“Anything that’s non-consensual, I consider that a form of sexual assault or rape," said Alex Griffin, a senior. 

(The article was provided by Circa Campus in partnership with GenFKD who has fellows on college campuses around the nation. Circa Campus contributor, Geena Jerome contributed to this article.)