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New Yorkers can agree on one thing... the subway stinksby Circa Campus

WATCH | WTF: New Yorkers come together to vent about the subway

The issues

We decided to hear firsthand from subway riders. Constant late trains, delays and service breakdowns were some of the complaints we got. 

When you’re rushing to work in the morning and you need to catch a train, it can be infuriating to be late due to delays. However, this is a harsh reality for many commuters in New York City.  

From what they say, the trains are rarely on time, and they frequently break down.  Another common complaint about the subways is their lack of cleanliness.

New Yorkers have been complaining about the subway for a long time, but unfortunately, there’s not a lot they can do about it.

No way out:  

Subway riders have been dealing with these issues for years, but for many, there’s simply no way around it. The subway is the most affordable and feasible option of getting around NYC.

Trapped with no way out, New Yorkers are stuck with only their outrage. So many New Yorkers take the MTA on a daily basis, and yet they say the system continues to fail them. 

Redeeming qualities?

Our interviewees struggled to find redeeming qualities of the subway system, but they were able to find a few.  Air conditioning and free wi-fi serve as diamonds in the rough. One person was so hard-pressed to find a silver lining that he cited the subway map’s color scheme as a positive.


At least the MTA understands how bad the system currently is. New Yorkers could try to take solace in the fact that the MTA knows what’s wrong, and they’re working on it.  

It can be tough to look through the cons, but at least these trains get people where they need to go at an affordable price. 

(The article was provided by Circa Campus in partnership with GenFKD which has fellows on college campuses around the nation. Circa Campus Contributor: Nick Cioffi)