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Cat stuck up in a tree? Call this Benjamin Gershman

WATCH | Has your cat ever been stuck up in a tree? In North Carolina, Patrick Brandt is the go-to guy for rescuing these forested felines.

His service,, coordinates with Animal Control and the local police force to answer distress calls from worried owners.

Brandt relies on heavy-duty tree climbing equipment to perform these aerial rescues. Using a slingshot, he's able to shoot his pilot rope high into the branches. After he's attached the rope to his harness, using his own body weight as a counter-weight, he pulls himself up to the height of the trapped cat. 

"Once I get close to the cat I’m trying to win the cat’s trust by being patient, being slow, talking to the cat in a cute voice, and often I’ll bring food with me -- which can sometimes sweeten the deal," Brandt told Circa.

Brandt has rescued 142 cats to date and has even saved a stranded parakeet. His highest rescue was 80 feet. Luckily, he has years of experience installing rope swings for friends and neighbors, readying him for such dizzying heights.

Brandt has rescued cats that have been a tree for seven or eight days, making them frantic and anxious to get down. "I’ve definitely been peed on and pooped on by cats in the tree," he told Circa.

It's just one of the many risks in his line of work, along with falling, breaking tree limbs, and cat scratches. But he says it's all worth it. 

"When I do a cat rescue and I know I’ve made a difference in somebody’s life and brought their cat back to them, that just makes me happy," he said. "So I’m more than happy to do it whenever I can."

With each saved cat, Brandt adds to his impressive list of rescues.