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3 essential fashion trends for summer 2017by Circa News

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Celebrity wardrobe stylist Marcus Ivory says that it definitely is, with the new summer trends being all about bright neon colors, flower prints and stylish athletic wear. 

Ivory is a stylist who's worked with celebrities like Zendaya, Nia Long and Adrienne Bailon. He's worked with brands like Malandrino, Ford, Nike, Target and more. 

The stylist decided to share a few trends he predicts are going to be hot this summer. 

Flower power

"One trend that's carrying over from fall is the flower powerthing. It started on leather jackets, and on overcoats, and now we're seeing it transition from spring into summer."

Selena Gomez rocks this Coach red leather jacket with flower embroidery in her Vogue shoot.

Bright, neon colors

"I'm seeing a lot of fuchsias and bright yellows and neon greens and chartreuse yellows, like, so many bright neon cool colors that are popping out all over the place."

Kylie Jenner showed off her "Kylighter" Chanel neon green tracksuit in March.

'90s inspiration

"You're already seeing it peeking through," Ivory said. "With the shoes, color tones, shapes and silhouettes." 

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