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Do blackhead removal masks actually work?by Circa News

WATCH | If you follow any skincare or beauty trends, you've probably come across the peel-off blackhead removal masks somewhere on the internet by now. These pore-clarifying masks are supposed to be more effective than pore nose strips. But do they actually work? Is it even good for your skin? 

So we gave it a run on four different skin types: oily skin, dry skin, t-zone oily with dry patches and oily skin with dark spots. 

The one we tried is called "Blackhead Removal Activated Carbon Mask" that evidently has activated charcoal powder, which is supposed act "like a magnet" to remove dirt from your pores or toxins from your stomach (yep, it's been trendy to drink it in raw juice form). It's one of the most common ingredients in these types of peel-off blackhead masks. 

Applying the mask was simple: squeeze a dime-sized dollop onto finger, apply on the t-zone or around the nose. The texture was smooth, silky and didn't really smell like anything in particular. 

After 20-30 minutes, the masks were fully dry and ready to be peeled off. We did notice that the masks came off a bit easier for people with oily skin -- but it was pretty effortless overall. 

And the result? At a first glance, blackheads aren't the most visible to the naked eye. So it wasn't until we zoomed in with our phone cameras that we realized the masks actually did a pretty solid job of cleaning our pores.

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