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Macy's is getting a makeover featuring self-service kiosks and more off-price productsby Circa News

The department chain Macy's may look a bit different come August. The retail giant is rolling out self-service systems in its shoe departments nationwide, meaning that customers will serve themselves instead of finding a salesperson to retrieve shoes, Yahoo reported.

The model mimics the model system of other retailers like TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack.

Macy's chief financial officer, Karen Hoguet, said there's been a noticeable shift in what patrons want while shopping. Many no longer desire that level of customer service.

"Lots just say, 'Leave me alone. Let me get the shoe I want and move on,'" Hoguet said at a conference in March.

The rollout of the self-serve shoe departments comes after Macy's saw double-digit sales growth during its testing phase. 

But that's not all Macy's is changing. The department chain is expected to add more off-price and clearance sections to its stores, which includes amping up its Backstage and Last Act concepts.

The company said that at least one of the two latest concepts will end up in all Macy's stores.

"Whatever model performs best this year will be rolled out aggressively next year," Hoguet said.

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