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Hair trends from the Victoria's Secret hair stylist you should tryby Circa News

WATCH| You may have heard of ombré and balayage, but have you heard of tiger eyes, melted blonde and other kinds of color melting? Try these new 2017 hair trends for more natural-looking highlights. 

Hair stylist Francky L'official at Val More Salon in Manhattan says the big trends are natural browns and variations of color melting. 

Francky is a model and hair stylist with an impressive clientele that includes celebrities like Victoria's Secret models, Milla Jovovich, Kate Beckinsale and other models represented by MSA Models. Originally from Paris, France, the hair stylist has been in the business for more than a decade - doing hair for runway models, Victoria's Secret fashion shows and editorial looks for commercials and magazines.

"We have what we call the 'tiger eyes' -- with a base brown but with some pieces slightly lighter and some much lighter."

Color melting can be a result of balayage (a combination of highlights and ombré) but with three colors instead of two. All colors blend seamlessly, even with different tones. 

"It's like basically dropping paint on your hair and it leak, then you play with the comb to make a different dimension from the roots to the end," Francky said.

The stylist says he always pushes his clients to try different colors and styles.

"If you have sex all the time in the same position, you get bored. It’s the same for your hair."

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