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These nails are bedazzled in all kinds of metal jewelryby Circa Fashion

WATCH| One solid base color and no limits on how you can bedazzle the nails with mixed metal jewelry: NailPro magazine's "All About the Blings" competition took place in Pasadena, Calif., on April 30 with more than a dozen competitors and their hand models. 

NailPro's nails-only show takes place annually in a number of different cities across the U.S. including Pasadena, Long Beach, Las Vegas, Orlando and Sacramento. 

Each event features different competition like this one, plus others like a themed 3-D nail competition. It also hosts dozens of vendors in the beauty and nail industry to showcase their latest and upcoming products. 

For the "All About the Blings" competition, contestants were given 45 minutes to compete. They all started out with nails of one solid base color and any type of metal jewelry. Some even drilled holes to attach chains and heavier metals. 

This one, by contestant Aigul Fritzke, won first place for originality and technicality. 

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