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Eat This: a whole goat's neckby Reed Dunlea

WATCH | We tried the smoked whole goat neck at Ducks Eatery in New York City's East Village.

Ducks Eatery turned a cut of meat nobody else was using into its best-selling dish. 

"We originally started taking goat necks because we had a bunch of goat farmers that had nothing to do with them. So it seemed like an ideal candidate for a small East Village restaurant," said Will Horowitz, who opened Ducks Eatery with his sister Julie Horowitz six years ago. "There's a lot of cuts of meat and vegetables and different things that people throw out, or just haven't figured out yet, and that's really what we hope our expertise is here."

"It's about a three day journey into marinating, smoking, brining, and braising."

Will Horowitz, co-owner of Ducks Eatery

Horowitz spent some time in India and Nepal, and drew inspiration for the whole smoked goat neck from paya, a goat feet stew that's often eaten for breakfast.

Even though the dish is popular at Ducks Eatery, that wasn't always the case. 

"In the beginning, I got to the point where I'd have to convince people to try it. There's a few times I even offered to pay for people's meal to try it. But we've always gotten huge smiles from it," said Horowitz.

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