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These squid ink baos are the latest addition to the goth-food trendby Ariel Min

WATCH | Call it anti-unicorn or just a pure love for darkness. The so-called goth-themed food trend has been taking over Instagram with goth ice cream, goth latte, goth waffles, goth croissants... the list goes on. So it was only a matter of time until squid ink bao appeared on your feed. 

Meet the pork belly squid ink bao with black garlic aioli from Sakana DTLA, a new Japanese restaurant in downtown Los Angeles. 

The house-made buns are naturally colored with squid ink and have a nutty flavor when cooked and steamed. They're filled with braised pork belly, homemade Japanese cucumber slices and microgreens. 

And don't worry, the buns won't stain your teeth or tongue. 

Sakana DTLA also offers quality sushi assortments and Korean-inspired fusion dishes.

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