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United Airlines will offer Uno pizza on long tripsby Circa News

United Airlines plans on offering Uno Pizzeria & Grill pizzas on its flights from the U.S. taking longer than 3 1/2 hours, according to The Chicago Tribune.

United spokesman Jonathan Guerin on Thursday told The Tribune the airline chose Uno’s Chicago-style pizzas as they tasted the best while boasting national brand recognition.

“We didn’t want to serve this iconic item in a dish that wasn’t going to do it justice,” he said, noting United will use a skillet it already employs for other in-flight items to cook the pizzas.

“It ensures a nice, crisp crust,” Guerin added of the pizzas, which will sell for $9.99, or $13.99 for a pizza and Miller Lite combo.

Several Twitter users on Thursday poked fun at United’s menu addition, which will start appearing alongside other new food items July 1.

David Freije, Uno’s director of marketing, on Thursday said the chain would only offer pizzas topped with garlic, spinach and a mix of four cheeses on United flights.

“Chicago being our home, we’re very proud to partner with them,” he said of Uno, which began in Chicago but is now based in Boston.

Guerin added other new items on United’s menu include a Thai-style chicken ciabatta sandwich, an egg white flatbread and a sausage, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.

The airline is also reportedly altering the mix of snacks in its tapas and children’s snack boxes available on flights at least two hours long.