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Who really invented the fidget spinner? Meet a guy who's been selling something Jean-Sun Ahn

WATCH |  You have probably seen fidget spinners everywhere, it's the current toy craze at the moment. But recently there has been a lot of talk about who really invented the spinning toy. 

Meet Scott McCoskery, who began development of the Torqbar back in 2014. It looks wildly similar to the fidget spinners you see everywhere, but just a couple of differences. " Working in IT I would spend a lot of time in long meetings and conference calls and I would usually click a pen, flip a knife open and closed and just fidget with whatever and I thought one day there should be a device specifically for what I am doing." 

While the fidget spinners you see sold in stores are only about a couple dollars, Torqbars are a bit more on the pricey end. McCoskery explained the main difference is, of course, the quality and craftsmanship.

Currently the item very similar to the Torqbar is one of the best-selling toys on Amazon. The toy sells for less than two dollars. McCoskery stated, " It's pretty frustrating because you know I would like to have that business but then you look at the price and you realize that you're just in a whole different ball game. I mean that thing sells for like 3 bucks and how good could it be." 

Torqbars range from about $40 to $260 which are all customizable.  

McCoskery currently has a patent pending and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) will decide who owns the intellectual property, he said he is pretty confident that it will prevail.