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'Stealthing,' which involves the nonconsensual removal of a condom, is on the riseby Circa News
Sex & Relationships
A disturbing sex practice in which a male covertly removes condom while having sex and later brags about it online, is on the rise, according to a report published in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law. The non-consensual removal, dubbed "stealthing," is a practice that some experts believe should be considered a form of sexual assault.

In her report, lead author Alexandra Brodsky considers what legal action could be taken to protect "stealthing" victims. By the end of the study, she concluded that existing laws don't cover "stealthing," despite the fact that the practice leads to a heightened risk of pregnancy and STD contraction. 

"Ultimately, a new tort for “stealthing,” is necessary both to provide victims with a more viable cause of action and to reflect better the harms wrought by nonconsensual condom removal," she said in the paper.

As noted by USA Today, "stealthing" goes beyond the nonconsensual removal of protection. There are even online forums where men frequently brag about removing a condom during sex or offer advice on how to get away with it. 

The study pointed out that some men innately believe it's their right to "spread one's seed."

Those on Twitter were outraged by the lack of protection involving "stealthing victims."

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