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Straight women are reportedly having fewer orgasms than everyone else by Circa News
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Closing the orgasm gap.

Heterosexual women have fewer orgasms than men or lesbian or bisexual women, a new study suggests. The report in The Archives of Sexual Behavior revealed that few heterosexual women climaxed through penetrative sex alone compared to their lesbian and bisexual counterparts.

Researchers examined the sexual behaviors of more than 52,000 American adults to determine who's having the most orgasms and why.

The study, by Indiana University, Chapman University and Claremont Graduate University, showed the proportion of people who usually orgasmed was:

  • 65% of heterosexual women
  • 66% of bisexual women
  • 86% of lesbian women
  • 88% of bisexual men
  • 89% of gay men
  • 95% of heterosexual men

The report suggests individuals try the following habits to increase orgasm frequency:

  • receive more oral sex
  • have longer duration of last sex
  • be more satisfied with their relationship
  • ask for what they want in bed
  • praise their partner for something they did in bed
  • try new sexual positions
  • act out fantasies
  • incorporate sexy talk