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Ostrichland in central California has 50 goofy ostriches and emus that you can feedby Nathalie Basha

WATCH |  On a random stretch of road in California's Santa Ynez valley, on a beautiful drive past rambling and picturesque wineries...

...there's Ostrichland. It's an ostrich farm with 50 goofy ostriches and emus, all of which you can feed. 

Ostriches and emus are the two largest birds in the world. Emus hail from Australia, and ostriches from Africa. You'd normally only catch these guys at the zoo, or on a safari, so seeing them in this picturesque setting is very unique. 

You may have noticed that some of the ostriches look different. The males have the quintessential black feathers with white tips, and pink mouths. The females are all brown (thanks, nature).

Emus in particular look prehistoric, but as one quickly finds out, neither the ostrich nor the emu has evolved with much brains (I say with amusement). 

Ostrichland co-manager Blake Fowler said ostriches aren't the smartest of animals -- that's because their brains are smaller than their eyeballs. They act kind of like a pigeon does, pecking things at random -- just in a really big body. 

You can purchase bowls of food for the birds, and they love it. They come zooming to the fences, their tiny bobbly heads poking through the slats. Even for those who are not animal lovers, it's a funny sight.

Most people pass by this ranch on their way into quaint Solvang, usually on the hunt for great California wines. It's well worth the detour: feeding these giant birds and learning a little about them is a real trip. 

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