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Transgender teen talks about bullying in powerful video by Alix Hines

A transgender teen and the pop duo High Dive Heart have teamed up to create a powerful video to combat bullying, according to USA Today. 

In the video, the trans teen, Corey Maison, holds up cards to tell her story. 

"I might look happy now, I haven't always been. I've known I was different all my life."

Corey Maison wrote

Maison reveals that she's always loved to dress up and play with dolls. But before, she was only allowed to do so in the house because she was born a boy.

In the video, Maison writes that she was bullied by other boys at school and one person even told her to kill herself. 

After that, her parents decided to homeschool her. 

Eventually, her parents took her to a therapist who works with other transgender teens. Maison then returned to public school and now plays on the girls soccer team. 

"To all the kids out there, bullying is never ok. I want to tell anyone being bullied this is temporary and will get better," Maison writes. "Know that even though it may not feel like it now, you are incredible, you are beautiful, you are worth so much and you are loved." 

The hashtag #IAmAMisfit has been gaining traction ever since the video was posted. 

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