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College Republicans at UC Irvine claim political discriminationby Stephanie Abrams

University of California Irvine administrators have reversed a one-year suspension of the College Republicans after students accused them of political discrimination.

The students were suspended following an insurance violation at an event in which they hosted the controversial conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos.

"They were aware they did not follow protocol before the event happen so that's why they faced restrictions before they booked space."

Cathy Lawhon, UCI Dir. of Media Relations

The College Republicans were disciplined 18 days after the Yiannopoulos event.  Administrators say the UC Irvine Student Center cited a violation in their contractual agreement to provide third-party insurance for private security guards.

The student affairs vice chancellor temporarily lifted the suspension, asking students to appeal.

 After backlash on social media and others speaking out in support of the College Republicans, they received another letter from administrators dropping the appeals process and issuing a warning. The letter said a warning was the first step for a first time level II infraction, however if the infraction continued the student group would be suspended.

"It's just little things that conservative students have to deal with every day on every campus throughout the nation. We don't get equal treatment"

Ariana Rowland, President UCI College Republicans

The College Republicans say they were never warned that the insurance violation was important or told it would result in punishment. In addition, they learned that at a May event in which they hosted David Horowitz they had the same violation, with no mention or discipline.

"We're sending a message that no matter what your political views are you shouldn't be punished for having a different opinion than the administration."

Kevin Brum, Pres. Students Supporting Israel UCI

College Republicans got unlikely support from ideologically opposed groups like the BernEaters for Bernie Sanders and the Students Supporting Israel.