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One week before convention, GOP meets to define what it stands forby Circa News
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What does the Republican Party want in the age of Donald Trump?

Party officials begin meetings Monday to define their platform, the defining document of what they stand for -- or against. The process could further inflame tensions within the party itself.

Republicans are already strongly divided between policies the party has embraced for years and a new wave of "Trumpian" ideals.

"Win or lose, the Trump candidacy has inflamed the divisions within the Republican Party," Ryan Williams, former spokesman for Mitt Romney,  said to USA Today.

The Republican convention starts on July 18, just one week from today.

"I have to be honest. I think I'll win without the unity."

Donald Trump, in a Raleigh rally

Trump's policies on trade and immigration run counter to past GOP positions. Trump has vowed to leave the North American Free Trade Agreement and block the Trans-Pacific Partnership -- positions that don't exactly mesh with GOP establishment plans. 

The GOP has been trying to make inroads with Hispanics, but Trump's boastful plan to make Mexico build a wall isn't exactly helping build trust. 

What if the GOP doesn't go along? The real estate mogul/reality TV star says he can win without the rest of the party.

Some members of the party will fight to change rules to let delegates vote for someone besides Trump, CNN reports.  Leading the charge: Colorado's Kendal Unruh.

What do you think? Does "Never Trump" have a chance?