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Republicans: Leaked emails prove the 'fix was in'by Raphael Williams
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According to top Republicans, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are just trying to distract you by focusing on who leaked the Democratic National Committee emails that forced Debbie Wasserman Schultz to resign as party chair.

Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus maintains that no matter who leaked the emails, the DNC wrote them, showing that from the beginning "the fix has been in" to nominate Clinton.

"The Russians didn't write the emails," RNC Research Director Raj Shah remarked when asked about the hacked messages.

And this is a big deal, or as Joe Biden would say, a "BFD." Bernie Sanders supporters have long believed the nomination process was rigged. They pointed to the debate schedule that had far fewer debates than the Republicans and was heavy on weekend debates, which get less viewers. Now they can point to the emails that show DNC officials were against his campaign and even wanted to attack Sanders over his religion so he would do poorly in the heavily religious southern states.

During his RNC speech, Donald Trump complained about the rigged system that benefits Clinton-- a direct appeal to Sanders voters.

"These are internal emails from the DNC that show they have a rigged system," said Shah. "They are talking about disparaging Bernie Sanders' supporters, undermining his campaign and candidacy. Who leaked them and why they leaked them is sort of irrelevant."

"The fact of the matter is that you have a party that has been exposed... they've been lying and cheating. They are in bed with a lying candidate, a cheating candidate. So however you look at it, this is why Hillary Clinton is in a ditch," said Priebus.

Former presidential candidate Rick Santorum took it a step further.

"There is no administration in the world since the second world war that has done more elevate Russia's preeminence in the world than the Obama-Clinton administration," said Santorum. 

"Why would [the Russians] be for Donald Trump? Why wouldn't they want to continue a policy from the United States that allows them to spread their reach around the world, which is exactly what's happening, so on its face its ludicrous... but to pull the Russian card, that's so 1950s."