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Small fish in a big pond at the Republican National Conventionby Raphael Williams
Election 2016#RNCinCLE

Thousands of Republicans converged on Cleveland this week, and for those who aren't household names standing out in the crowd is not an easy task. When Donald Trump ask the Republican Party power brokers for something, he pretty much gets it. It's not so simple for other Republican congressional candidates who don't get the prime time coverage or the help from the party big wigs.

Glo Smith and Thuy Lowe are running for Congress in Florida and are here find support for their own bidswith lackluster results. Smith said, "it's not been hey Glo we're here to help"

Both women have run and lost before. This year it's looking like history might repeat itself, their Democratic opponents are heavily favored.

Similar to the business world, money in politics tends to flow towards the seats the money people think would them the best return on their investment. And so far they have decided that Lowe, a refugee of the Vietnam war and stay at home mother, and Smith, mother and business consultant are not rising stock.

"So the state party's chairman and I have talked and they give me excuses like one we don't involve in federal races which is not true and explaining to me that there are races that are winnable this is not at the national level it's been the same story," said Smith.

A spokesman for the RNC rejected the claims that the party is abandoning the candidates. Telling Circa, that "the RNC has built a permanent, nationwide field operation to help all Republican candidates up and down the ticket."

It's rare that the RNC directly funds smaller ballot races, but they do have staffers or volunteers tout local candidates during the bigger the presidential candidate events.

But for the small fries, it about money. And to raise money from the party, they need to show in the poll that they're within striking distance of winning their seats.

Other than that it's donationsor die.

According to the most recent FEC reports, both Lowe and Smith have less than 5,000 dollars on hand. Not nearly enough to do any pollingor much else. Efforts to raise funds or profiles  here haven't been very successful.

"We had people that were talking with the RNC and some of the leadership team to get me appointments for this week. At this time I have not heard from them I'm really disappointed," said Lowe.