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France trolled the Trump administration in a video for pulling out of the Paris agreementby Circa News

Following President Trump's remarks on Thursday announcing the decision to withdraw the United States from the Paris climate agreement, his administration posted a short YouTube video entitled, "The Paris Accord is a Bad Deal for America." The video, which hovers around 48,000 views, explains in layman's terms the extent in which the global environmental pact harms US interests. 

The video would eventually be tweaked by France, whose newly-elected President Emmanuel Macron had previously blasted the president over his decision.

The altered video, which was posted on Twitter by the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs, modifies text from the White House's original video to explain how the withdrawal from the Paris agreement is a bad deal "for American and the rest of the world."

Here's the original video posted by the White House.

And here's the modified video.

This is the second time this week that France has publicly denounced Trump's decision to pull out of the Paris agreement. On Thursday, Macron released a video address to the American people reassuring them that "the world believes in you" to unify and work with allies on environmental issues. 

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