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No more 'repeal and replace?' GOP lawmakers now say they want to 'repair' Obamacare. by Kellan Howell

Republicans are starting to shift their language on Obamacare from the "repeal and replace" tagline featured throughout the 2016 campaign to a softer "repair."

GOP lawmakers first started throwing out the term "repair" during policy meetings at their retreat in Philadelphia last week. 

The language shift is a reflection of Republicans coming to terms with the fact that they may not end up totally replacing Obamacare. 

Republicans are trying to please their party base, which has called for a complete repeal of the Affordable Care Act for years, while avoiding the political suicide that could ensue if millions of Americans end up losing health insurance after a repeal. 

"If you want to repair the American health-care system, you have to repeal the law that's destroying it," House Speaker Paul Ryan explained Thursday on "Fox & Friends."

Ryan said at a press conference Thursday that the GOP's health care plan is focused on giving patients more choices in the insurance markets.

But he also stuck with one of his favorite lines about the failures of the ACA, calling it a "death spiral." 

WATCH| Earlier this year, a group of Senate Democrats signaled a willingness to work with Republicans to change the health care game plan from "repeal and replace" to "reform."

On Thursday, Ryan also answered questions about Trump's travel ban. 

He admitted the White House could have consulted Congress more on the order. 

He wanted to know if Trump used an accent when he called out Arnold Schwarzenegger.