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Here's what you can expect to change and stay the same under Trump's new Cuba policyby Circa News

President Trump will soon announce drastic changes to U.S.-Cuba policies.

He's headed to Miami where he'll be joined by Florida Senator Marco Rubio who this morning tweeted in support of the new policy, which goes into effect Friday.

"His objective is to support the Cuban people by driving US visitors to small business they own so they can become independent of regime," Rubio tweeted.

Here's what you can expect as a result of the new policy:

Strict travel and business regulations

Americans will not be allowed to conduct any business with anyone or entity linked to the Cuban military or intelligence services, according to the Trump administration.

Tourism is currently banned, so people will have to follow the regulations that are in place now.

Individual Americans will be able to travel there as long as they use privately owned lodging like Airbnb.

No more educational/people-to-people trips

Trump will prohibit individual educational trips to Cuba.

These "people to people" trips, which allow American travelers to visit Cuba for educational purposes on their own as opposed to with a tour group, will be eliminated under the new U.S. policy.

 Trump's new policy will also prohibit financial transactions that benefit Cuba's military.

Cigars are still good to go

Americans can still bring Cuban cigars back from their trip under the new policy, according to White House officials.

Also, family travel is still authorized and the U.S. embassy will remain open.