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WSJ fired its chief foreign affairs correspondent for ethical breach in business dealingsby Circa News

The Wall Street Journal ousted its longtime chief foreign affairs correspondent Jay Solomon on Wednesday after evidence had surfaced of his involvement in prospective commercial deals, including one involving arms sales to foreign government, with a businessman who was one of his key sources, according to The Associated Press. 

“We are dismayed by the actions and poor judgment of Jay Solomon,” Wall Street Journal spokesman Steve Severinghaus wrote in a statement to The Associated Press. “While our own investigation continues, we have concluded that Mr. Solomon violated his ethical obligations as a reporter, as well as our standards.”

Solomon was offered a 10 percent state in Denx LLC by Farhad Azima, an Iranian-born magnate who ferried weapons for the CIA. However, it remains unclear if the reporter had every received money or formally accepted a stake in the company.

As part of an AP investigation, a trove of documents, including emails and text messages, were obtained linking Azima and Solomon. 

When asked about these conversations, Solomon said, “I clearly made mistakes in my reporting and entered into a world I didn’t understand. I never entered into any business with Farhad Azima, nor did I ever intend to. But I understand why the emails and the conversations I had with Mr. Azima may look like I was involved in some seriously troubling activities. I apologize to my bosses and colleagues at the Journal, who were nothing but great to me.”