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Meet the man who has traveled the world commentating for esportsby Marc Urbino

WATCH | This man has made a career by being a shoutcaster for "League of Legends."

Isaac Cummings Bentley, better known by his tag "Azael," analyzes esports. A former "World of Warcraft" pro for Evil Geniuses, he made his way into casting after volunteering his services at a Blizzard event that he did not qualify for.

He has been casting since 2010, and has been at the some of the world's biggest events.

His familiarity and expertise in "League of Legends" has made it possible for such a career to take off. Not only is he a highly ranked player, but he also worked for Riot behind the scenes before taking over as on-air talent.

There are some difficulties with the job, however. The gaming and esports communities are very tied into social media and who they follow. While this accessibility has allowed esports to grow into what it is today, it also makes it possible for talent like Azael to hear constant criticism.

Comments on livestreams or social media venues such as Twitch or Twitter provide essentially instantaneous feedback on what casters say or do, which has both positive and negative context.

Azael has even been the subject of multiple memes.

In the end, however, Azael makes it clear that he loves his job despite any hardships that come with it. His passion for esports is something he shares with players and fans, and that's what is important to him.

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