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This gamer just earned $160,000 playing soccer's most popular video gameby Marc Urbino

WATCH | Corentin "Vitality_RocKy" Chevrey took first place at the FIFA Ultimate Team Championship.

The series is hosted by EA Sports and began in October of last year. To participate, players had to qualify and perform well at the FUT Champions events. From there, qualifiers were set for players to continue to move forward into the regional finals. 

The top 32 players from all around the world were the ones invited to go to Berlin, Germany, to complete in the championship event.

The championship consisted of a prize pool valued at $400,000 total. 

In the Grand Finals stood two players, RocKy and Shaun "xShelzz" Springette. They were the winners of the Xbox One and PS4 brackets, respectively.

Game 1 took place on RocKy's "away" console, the PS4, where he ended up leading 2-1. In the next match on his home turf, he found himself behind 3-2 behind xShelzz up until the very last minute, meaning they were tied with an aggregate score of 4 to 4. In the event of a tie, the player with the most "away" goals would win, meaning Springette would have come up victorious.

However, RocKy, in the finals seconds of the game, scored a goal to tie the match, putting him ahead overall. This goal went on to secure his victory as Springette was unable to score.

Although RocKy emerges victorious this time around, the biggest event has yet to come: the FIFA Interactive World Cup, where multiple players, including eight from this championship, will represent their nation for a world title.

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