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Here are some of the celebrities who love to stream video games onlineby Marc Urbino

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The music artist recently created a Twitch account. His main game of choice to play is "Overwatch."

Steve Aoki

The electronic music producer/DJ is no stranger to the world of esports. Along with hosting online gaming charities, he is also the owner of the newly-founded team, Rogue.

Hunter Pence

Pence, the right fielder for the San Francisco Giants, enjoys streaming during the off-season. He mainly plays card games like "Magic: The Gathering" and "Hearthstone."


The Maryland rapper has often streamed while on tour. He also frequently hangs out with pro gaming organization Faze Clan.

Terry Crews

After his son expressed interest in gaming, Crews decided to build a PC with him to bond. He currently has a Twitch account and even was given a custom PC sponsored by Old Spice

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