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Here's why Overwatch is still one of the most popular games in the worldby Marc Urbino

WATCH | After over a year since its release, Overwatch is still going as strong as ever.

The Blizzard title is one of the most-played games in the entire world, even having knocked off League of Legends in South Korea for a short while. Why has it become such a phenomenon? There are several factors that come into play.

To start, the gameplay is extremely unique. The game is defined as a first-person shooter, putting it in the same genre as games like Call of Duty or Halo. However, the game draws inspiration from MOBAs as well.

With several characters currently available, the range of gameplay is expansive. Each character, though technically listed in classes, perform extremely different from the other. 

Since there are such a large number of talents to master, the skill ceiling is very high for this game. This also makes it so that, most of the time, no single player can carry a game, making teamwork essential for victory. Perhaps even more unique is that you can switch characters mid-game, adding more versatility and needed adaptability.

In addition to the character builds and abilities, Blizzard also put plenty of work into the background of the characters. The heroes in Overwatch come from all over the world and their individual stories allow players to identify with them.

Furthermore, the developers are known for their communication with fans, providing updates as needed. What is appealing is that most new content to the game is free. The only items that are purchased are purely cosmetic, such as skins.

As a whole, the game is able to cater to both casual and competitive gamers. With a fast-growing competitive scene, seen at Blizzcon with the World Cup, and the establishment of the Overwatch League, the game has yet to hit its peak.

WATCH | The North American LCS, too, is kicking up its competitive play for League of Legends and is franchising its teams for the next year.