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'League of Legends' teams are being franchised in North America, starting at $10 millionby Marc Urbino

WATCH | The North American League Championship Series is franchising its 10 slots beginning in 2018.

This move by Riot Games is being made to increase the quality and sustainability of the NALCS. 

There is a thorough application process to be accepted into the league, and even the 10 current teams are not guaranteed a slot.

Each team will be priced at $10 million for current teams who make it in, with an additional $3 million for new teams. 

If accepted, teams will be guaranteed their spot indefinitely, replacing the current relegation/promotion system in place. As it stands now, the bottom 2 teams in the LCS face-off against the top 2 teams in the lower Challenger Series in a promotional tournament after each split. This gives top-performing rosters a chance to make their way into the pro circuit. 

Instead, the Challenger Series will be replaced by developmental rosters that are formed secondary to the primary franchise team.

With this move, teams and Riot will share whatever revenue made mutually with each other, allowing for long-term development and stability as the years continue. In addition, players will receive a minimum salary of $75,000.

Applications are open from now until mid-July, where the final decisions will be announced in November of this year.

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