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Say goodbye to screen cheating. This display can show different content at the same Marc Urbino

WATCH | MirraViz allows multiple people to see different content on one screen.

WATCH | Founded in 2016 in Fremont, California, the company has developed the world's first multiview product that does not require the use of headmounts or glasses (the video does not do justice to how crisp and clear the image is when in the proper location).

It utilizes what MirraViz calls "DirectedPhoton" technology, which reflects different light according to the position of each respective viewer using projectors, which are not fixed in possible positions.

With this technology, many options are opened. Multiple gamers can play one game without the fear of what is called "screen looking" or "screen cheating," in which a player can look at another's location via the split screen. It also allows one user to watch a movie while another plays a game, and so on.

The screens can also be configured for standard view if the multiview mode is not necessary at the moment.

The systems will run a pretty penny, starting at over $2,500, but they argue that displays around the 88-inch or 97-inch size can easily be over this price point. 

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