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This Chinese game developer just completely ripped off 'Overwatch'by Marc Urbino

WATCH | "Hero Mission" is as close as it gets to being "inspired" by "Overwatch."

The game is developed by Dream of Dragon Games, a relatively unknown Chinese game developer. It is set to launch on June 23, but gameplay has surfaced and the internet has been very active over the comparisons between characters.

This user likens the Genji clone to Sephiroth of "Final Fantasy."

Another picks up on the use of Mercy from "Overwatch," just with a bigger gun.

Though no action has been taken by Blizzard or any other company in the usage of their copyrighted material, we may see something happen as we move toward the game's actual release.

WATCH | "Overwatch" is already a year old and is still one of the world's most popular games.