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This simulator lets you create the farm you never knew you wantedby Marc Urbino

WATCH | "Farming Simulator" allows players to grow the farm of their dreams.

The game is part of the series developed by Giants Software and published by Focus Home Interactive, which has been putting out these titles for nearly a decade.

Farming Simulator is highly authentic, with over 250 different vehicles from a number of brands. This gives the player a large number of features to utilize, including building roads and railways to accommodate resources.

Farmers and others in the industry were consulted to create a game that is both realistic, yet still fun to play. Designers spoke of trying to create the right balance between leisure and labor.

Due to its long tenure, the game has created a community of gamers and modders that are consistently adding to content, since the game can be played online and be continually modded.

There is even an event called FarmCon that brings this community together every year.

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