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Two brand new Pokémon games and more are coming this fallby Marc Urbino

WATCH | Nintendo just announced plenty of new Pokémon games that are set to release later in the year.

Pokémon Ultra SunandUltra Moonare taking gamers back to the Alola Region on the 3DS. This approach is similar to Pokémon Blackand White, followed by the sequels Black 2 and White 2,where the stories are set in the same region, but differ greatly.

New legendary forms and Pokémon are expected  from the November 17th global release.

Pokkén Tournament DX is a revamped version of the Wii U fighting-game that comes with new content and gameplay. There were adjustments made to online play that now include Ranked, Group, and Friendly modes.

New Pokémon have also been added, including Decidueye and Darkrai.

In addition, Nintendo is releasingPokémon Goldand Silver as virtual copies that can be downloaded and played on 3DS devices. 

Although the Nintendo Direct announcement didn't mention anything about the rumored Pokémon Stars, these updates show that Nintendo is continuing its push with the iconic series and is not letting up anytime soon. 

More details are expected at the upcoming E3 gaming convention, with Nintendo placing Pokémon at a high priority with even some esports matches set in motion at the event.

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