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Russian hackers are using Britney Spears' Instagram to control malware. Yes, we're seriousby Circa News

2017 is getting really weird.

A Slovakian IT security firm released a report Tuesday that Russian hackers have hidden instructions on how to retrieve stolen data in comments on Instagram profiles.

One of those profiles belonging to Britney Spears.

ESET Security demonstrated an example of these hidden malware on a January 6 photo of the pop singer among thousands of other comments.

Is it spam or is it a hack?

User "asmith215" wrote "#2hot make loved to her, uupss #Hot #X." According to ESET Security, this is the now-deleted comment was set-up to connect to a server and retrieve stolen data.

According to ESET, hidden in the post was a trackable hash that contained a string of characters that correlated with a link, which would in turn connect to the malware's command-and-control server.

However, due to the low number of hits on the link, ESET concluded this particular comment was a test post.

Representatives for Britney and Instagram have yet to comment on the report.