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How tennis phenom Madison Keys is crushing cyberbulliesby Marianna Kheyfets
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WATCH | Madison Keys is one of the best tennis players in the world, but nothing reveals her character more than her work to combat online bullying. The 22-year-old recently partnered with FearlesslyGirl, an internationally recognized movement that empowers girls. 

"The world has gotten very negative in very different ways and especially on social media, when you click on something, the comments are individually very negative."

Madison Keys

Being a professional athlete attracts lots of social media attention which includes nasty DM's and comments. "Social media is not always 100 percent fun," Keys said.

After enduring cyberbullying herself, Keys knew she wanted to help others. 

The world's No. 11 ranked player partnered with FearlesslyGirl, an anti-cyberbullying movement dedicated to empowering this generation of young women to be bold and authentic. 

"FearlesslyGirl goes into high schools and we just talk about the struggles of being a teenager, a teenage girl. We feel like if we all get together and talk about it, that there's a little more hope."

Madison Keys

Madison is using her platform to connect with teenage girls and let them know she can relate to what they are going through with cyberbullying.