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Meet Popeye, the dog behind one of the most popular food pages on Instagramby Nathalie Basha
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WATCH | Popeye The Foodie is making a name for himself on Instagram in a space where most dogs have yet to venture...

As a food blogger. (And yes, the food is human food). It's just about the cutest food page on Instagram right now. 

Popeye is a four-year-old mixed-breed terrier who started life as a stray. His owners found him roaming the mean streets of Pasadena, California, and after an extensive search didn't turn up any owners, they adopted him. 

Popeye has an audience over 200,000 strong. People look to his page now for inspiration on Los Angeles hot spots -- you can trust that if it shows up on Popeye's page, it's probably the happening restaurant in L.A. 

Popeye's owners are big foodies themselves, and they noticed their dog was unusually calm and collected when they took him to restaurants. They started snapping his pictures and posting them to Instagram. 

(Oh and did we mention -- Popeye always wears dapper little suits!)