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Snapchat users were nominated for a Tribeca Film Festival award. Take that, Chris Serico
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WATCH | The Tribeca Film Festival celebrated a unique crew of indie filmmakers Tuesday night, when nominees gathered for the Tribeca Snapchat Shorts screening in New York City.

Nominated shorts, which topped out at 2 minutes apiece and were culled from hundreds of submissions, included:

  • Annie Hubbard's "Magic Show"
  • Jeff Ayars and Simone Policano's "The Notebook Snapstory"
  • Douglas Larlham and Sarah Albonesi's "Puppy Love"
  • Anna Roisman's "Owen Wilson Dates Himself"
  • Brannen Haderle, Alex Berry and Stanley Kalu's "Live Colorfully"

Hubbard's whimsical short, about a quick-witted magician, won the Tribeca category.

Nominees were judged by five celebrities who know about the value of screen time (no matter how tiny the screen): Eva Longoria (pictured above at a different event), Andy Cohen, Tracee Ellis Ross, Jason Biggs and Dillon Francis.

While other film events honor nominees who only claim it's an honor just to be nominated, it's easy to believe that sentiment from people who submitted short films on a platform associated with animal filters and pinned stickers.

Maybe Snapchatting 'too much' is a good thing

"I just want to say to my grandparents, who are always like, 'Simone, you're Snapchatting too much': Well, this is for you guys!" Policano told Circa on the red carpet.

Rylee Ebsen, Snapchat's director of creative media, marveled at the social-media platform's collaboration with Tribeca. "Snapchat is an amazing platform for storytelling and creativity and communication," she said. "And to partner with Tribeca, which is such a prestigious film festival, it's an honor."

Ebsen also moderated a panel with the nominated content creators after the screening.