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The Mother Bucker harvests 150 lbs of perfect marijuana plant buds in an hourby Jean-Sun Ahn
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WATCH |Munch Machine emerged from Dauenhauer Manufacturing Company, which created the world's first mechanical hops harvesters in 1940. Before the Mother Bucker, hops were "hand-picked and hand-processed." The Munch Machine gently removes buds from a perfectly stripped weed stem.

Dauenhauer has transformed the hops industry. Upon development of their first prototype, the family-run business, based in Ketchum, Idaho, provided a new technology that fiercely increased efficiency and lower processing costs. Owner Tom Frazier explained that the majority of U.S. hops growers deviated to mechanical harvesting. 

Munch Machine noticed the same existing conditions within the cannabis industry and developed innovative cannabis harvesting solutions.    

Tom Frazier's grandfather developed the first hop machine in the 1940s. Three generations later, an innovative machine for harvesting weed has revolutionized the cannabis industry. 

And 77 years later, we're still building hop harvesters and shipping them all over the world and supporting machines that were made in the 1950s.

Tom Frazer, Owner of Munch Machine

Munch Machine began development of the Mother Bucker in 2014. It's able to harvest up to 150 pounds of fresh cannabis per hour, within eight hours and three workers, 1000 pounds of cannabis can be ready for trimming. 

The machine costs $19,900 and can be shipped worldwide. As the cannabis industry continues to grow, Munch Machine claimed they are 'ready to meet the challenge.'  

"We have the experience and the knowledge to create innovative solutions for your cannabis harvesting needs. Our goal is to make affordable harvesting solutions for Cannabis growers of all sizes," Tom Frazier said.