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This pregnant comedy trio is kicking ass on stage while in their third trimestersby Jean-Sun Ahn
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WATCH:  This LA comedy trio features three pregnant women. Here's what it's like to be an expecting mom and perform improv on stage.

Long-time collaborators Ashley Opstad, Elizabeth Triplett and Lindsey Payne started performing improv together in early 2008. Their troupe at that time was 'Token Boy,' a majority-female team that featured max one male at any given performance.

The ladies performed regularly as a troupe at The Improv Space in Los Angeles, California but had been on hiatus for a while as they raised their first children. They were recently called to the stage once more to battle against other improv troupes in a mach madness showdown.

They said they usually compete against young college kids, quite often men. "We could not have been more different than our opponents," Lindsay said. "Literally they were closer in age to our fetuses," Elizabeth shared.

The moms made sure to note that they’ve always “created together,” and now they’re creating while procreating. 

'Pregnant Pause' said they plan to keep performing, after a brief baby break, once their new kids are a few months old. The three women each have a young child around the same age and the ladies are all due only a few months apart.  

UPDATE: Since we published this story, Elizabeth had her baby! Congrats Elizabeth!