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Austin, Texas, will pay you to raise chickens in your backyardby Asa Merritt

WATCH | The City of Austin, Texas, has started a program to encourage residents to raise chickens. After attending a two-hour class, new urban farmers are eligible for a $75 home composting rebate, which they can spend at any retailer.

Incentivizing chicken farming is part of Austin's larger strategy for reducing waste. By 2040 the city hopes to become 90 percent waste free. Chickens in Austin dispose of 1,000 tons of waste a year.

A local group behind an annual "coop tour" manages an epic Twitter feed.

Administrators of the chicken initiative in Austin estimate that 1 percent of Austin households have a chicken coop. 

The city regularly holds workshops to teach people the ins and outs of raising poultry. For more information, check out the City of Austin website.