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Twitter hit Homeland Security with a lawsuit for trying to unmask an anti-Trump accountby Circa News

Twitter has slapped the US government with a lawsuit after Homeland Security reportedly tried to force the social media giant to reveal the personal information of a user that heavily criticizes the Trump administration.

The lawsuit alleges the Department of Homeland Security demanded to know the name, login information, phone number, mailing address and IP address of a user behind an alt-government Twitter account.

The company is asking a federal court to declare the summons "unlawful and unenforceable."

 @ALT_uscis is the Twitter account in question.

On Twitter's website, it says it will only release private user data in case of emergency or through the proper legal processes, like a court order.

The lawsuit states that for the DHS to demand a user be unmasked, the government must demonstrate that the user violated a law and make a case that it is not try to violate the First Amendment.

Identifying the user "would chill the expression of particularly valuable political speech," Twitter said.

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