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A newly-discovered species of snakes in Cuba hunts in groupsby Circa News

A University of Tennessee scientist has discovered a species of snakes in Cuba that not only hunts in groups, but does so while hanging upside down from caves, CNN reported.

Vladimir Dinets, an assistant research professor in the university's psychology department and author of the study, observed Cuban boas hunting fruit bats through "coordinated hunting," for the first time.

According to CNN, "coordinated hunting" is where each individual animal finds the location of its same species to increase the success of hunting. 

"After sunset and before dawn, some of the boas entered the passage that connected the roosting chamber with the entrance chamber, and hunted by suspending themselves from the ceiling and grabbing passing bats," the study noted. 

This is the first time reptiles have been observed in this specific type of hunting, but it is not the first time snakes have been observed hunting together. Dinets said that previous studies indicated snakes hunted together as more of a social function rather than to increase food intake.