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Light is a beautiful, screenless phone that gives you a break from texting and Instagramby Daniel Bean

WATCH| Is another phone what you need to help you get unplugged from your smartphone?

Light is a credit card-size, screenless phone that’s supposed to help you disconnect from the distractions of your smartphone.

Built to be your second handset, you're supposed to carry your Light Phone, instead of your smartphone, the times you want a break from messages and notifications. Its only function -- being able to place and receive calls from your forwarded smartphone number -- is supposed to provide the piece of mind you wouldn't otherwise have if you were on the move without any phone.

"In our testing ... it wasn’t about what [Light Phone] did, it was about the lack of smartphone. And that’s really where the value is."

Joe Hollier, co-founder, Light

The Light Phone was a Kickstarter success in 2015 and finally went on sale early this year. But, is a phone that’s consciously designed to be dumber than a flip phone something people needto help get themselves unplugged from their smartphones? According to tech analyst David Polgar, the answer is no.

"You have [iPhone] apps like Freedom that are going to allow you to turn off the internet or turn off features on your phone for a certain period of time," he told Circa. "So you already have some of the features of the Light Phone."

"It is a status symbol, hence why they're taking a very Apple-esque, clean design."

David Polgar, analyst,

Of course, that doesn’t mean the beautifully-designed Light Phone won’t wind up being a trendy thing to flaunt in some circles, with Polgar agreeing that it has the potential to become a sort of "status" gadget.

"It’s frankly advertising to somebody who wants to say, 'Hey, look, I can be unplugged,' or, 'Look, I’m part of this movement.”

Light Phone does, of course, have phone hardware and phone features.

And so what the question about Light Phone becomes is whether leaving your smartphone at home in the cleverly-designed spirit of “Going Light” is worth $150 and a subsequent $5-a-month SIM card fee.