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Nintendo is releasing a tiny Super Nintendo that comes with 'Star Fox 2'by Circa News

Nintendo is producing a new version of its Super Nintendo console that fits in the palm of a gamer’s hand, according to Business Insider.

The Super NES Classic Edition will reportedly cost $80 and includes 21 preinstalled games from the original platform’s golden era.

The system is slated for a Sept. 29 release, according to Business Insider, and will come with two wired controllers and an HDMI cable.

Twitter users on Monday praised Nintendo’s decision, with several noting the video game company’s nod to its beloved Super Nintendo Entertainment System from 1991.

The Super NES Classic Edition’s lineup of games includes hits like “Super Mario World,” “The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past” and “Super Metroid.”

The platform will also reportedly include “Star Fox 2,” a game that Nintendo finished in the 1990s but has never previously released.

Nintendo scrapped “Star Fox 2” due to the impending release of its Nintendo 64 console, but footage of the sequel has floated around the internet for years.

Business Insider additionally reported that the Super NES Classic Edition employs a virtual system for saves to all games rather than the original console’s cartridge system.

The news outlet recommended that gamers scoop up the system while they can as Nintendo is likely to stop producing it in the future.